A literal and critical look at what the word nigga reveals

Have you ever wondered who the real niggas of the world were? Or, the true history of such a sharp word used in an overt and covertly racist world meant to degrade black people, and why? Why is the pure knowledge of the past of black people so hidden and policed by white people as common information, unlike the history of Asians, Greeks, Romans, French, and Europeans? Why is our Black history so blatantly erased from the collective black consciousness? 


My soul has been in search of what is the true knowledge of the first, original black people. With the countless acts of overt racism in the media this past year alone, I’ve found comfort in seeking and studying the true nature of our people; a fire of rage starts in my belly coming to terms with the depths of the effects that slavery, misinformation and institutionalized racism has had on our children and adult intelligence minds. 


Here, I interpret the knowledge done by the great KRS-One who gives us an escape from the modern-day effects of institutional racism by using the power of critical thinking to somewhat trace our past by dissecting the true meaning of the word nigger; intellectually instead of emotionally to collectively step into our light as one people. 


We start with the understanding that racism is both overt; acts causing death, injury, or destruction of property, and covert, which is far more subtle and less identifiable. Covert racism is ingrained in the operation of established and respected forces in society like law enforcement and learning institutions. Leading us to grow up taught through white institutions to detach from ourselves, to reject, ignore and despise our ancestral character in exchange for a sub-servant and obedient Colonial Way of being under the weight of white supremacy. 


Institutional racism strives to erase our true black ancestry from our collective black memory. This society wrapped in covert racism tells us what behaviors, actions even ways of existing are appropriate based on their cultural preferences. All learning is directly from the colonizer to the colonized. Meaning each ounce of knowledge, since pre-K the colonizers (white people) has structured our learning development to induce mental slavery over black children that control us into adulthood. 

Black people, to this day, don't have the luxury of free expression to create, or describe themselves and be respected in America without offending the already established society; the colonizer.


The question now.. and the entire point of this all is getting down to how we escape from the modern-day effects of institutional racism? We do this by using our critical thinking skills towards the words they use against us. Starting with looking at the word nigger, literally; not culturally, socially, or emotionally. 


The word nigger has become derogatory not because of the word itself but by who says the word and how it's used. It has become more of what American speakers culturally think that stamps its meaning today. When one nation gains power over another, it degrades the fallen nation and demeans the importance of its people and especially those in leadership. Whatever holiness meant to them now becomes known as evil for justification for robbery and invasion. This response is why imperialism continues because then these derogatory teachings of hate become the “norms” and engrained in the operation of “established and respected forces” in society thus receiving less public disapproval. 


The term nigger used against us has been successful in filling us with shame, derailing us from finding out who the real niggas are (our ancestry) Our search for our real ancestors begins with the rejected and degraded terms and names given to our ancestors by the colonials (whites) as savages, primitive, and nigger.


We avoid such words because of the European and English interpretations 


Interpretation- the action of explaining the meaning of something. An explanation or way of explaining. 


When we are given an explanation, it does not automatically mean it is gospel. You must use your discernment to judge if the character of said persons or institutions in which you are getting information lines up with your morals and values as a person/people When we are upset at a racist for using the word nigger or any form of overt or the overtly racist terms at us, we must know that we are not responding to the knowledge and truth of the word but the character of the racist towards us. 


Let’s look at the word primitive according to the Oxford English Dictionary, 

Primitive- of or belonging to the first age, of early time. Church in its purest time. With the root word; prime Prime- first rank, influence.


Primitive has been a racist term used in European culture to refer to a tribal people. It suggested that they are lower or unsophisticated, undeveloped, and preliterate. Interpreted by those who invaded the word, primitive culturally translates as someone to look down on. 


Now look at the word savage also according to the Oxford dictionary Savage (sylvan)- A state of nature, wild, woodland, untamed animals, ferocity but it’s only applied to animals, not people.


 Now, we know the English language a combination of so many already established languages like Danish, and French, and has since adopted changes by Latin, Greek, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Dutch and Spanish, and some words are from other languages. 

Savage comes from the French and Latin word Sylvan- a woodland god, native to the Forrest, magical, spirit of the woods, genius of the trees, or woodland deity.


You begin to see the power of cultural interpretation. The way that we respond to certain words today is not exactly how ancient peoples responded to the same words in their time. Looking down on “niggers” is the goal of institutional racism. The goal is for you to mimic the character, likes, and dislikes of the colonist. To see the world in which they do. So, if the nigger is offensive to them, then it is also offensive to us. The deepest form of mental slavery at the hands of institutionalized racism. 


We must look at words literally and not emotionally to avoid being ignorant of our real ancestry. So when we look into the etymology of the word nigger we find that Noah Webster,” an American lexicographer, textbook pioneer, English-language spelling reformer, political writer, editor, and prolific author. Someone who was called the "Father of American Scholarship and Education." Webster was dedicated to providing an intellectual foundation for American nationalism. We are familiar with Webster’s dictionary that's used so widely today. Well, in his goal to emphasize widespread ownership of property (a key element of Federalism) he also deliberately chose to use to be faithful to the German word n-e-g-e-r neger over the Latin word negro to describe black people until his death. 


Noah, at the time the leading scholar in America was determined to define African people as slaves in America. Let’s break down the German word NEGER vs the Latin word NEGRO to see the weight of Noah's impact on Black people today N-E-G-E-R : is simply a derogatory German term used for Africans vs.N-E-G-R-O: (from the Latin and Greek word niger; meaning dark in color)A person belonging to the black race especially to the typical African branch (formally called Ethiopian) being characterized by tall stature and often powerful physique, convex forehead, prognathous jaws with large teeth, flat broad nose, everted lips, woolly hair, and dark brown to sooty black complexion; specif.: part of Sudan or that part of Africa between Congo and the Sahara. 


Neger, which later became Nigger, and negro said by white racists to degrade us and our heritage. But when spoken by our ancestors is where we find the original meaning. The word nigger is an alteration of the earlier word niger, which is the same word as the Swedish, Dutch, Scandinavian, and German word neger as well as the French word Nigre. 


Here, we see that the history of the words Nigre nigger Neger all derive from the Latin word Niger 

NIGER- describing dark skin African people. 


All other misspellings' mispronunciations and deliberate degradation would come much later as disrespectful racism slurs towards the original nigers It is the culture of the institution that pushes the fascism of its founders through the institutions. Our ancestors weren't called “Africans” or “Blacks" or “African Americans” in European and English world history, our ancient black ancestors are “Nigers” when we search the etymology of this word (niger) we see more of our ancestors and what happened to them (us). 


We are looking at words literally and not emotionally to avoid being ignorant of our real ancestry. Let’s go back to the word negro, which we see drives from the Latin word Niger, which describes them as having flat noses, everted lips, woolly hair, dark brown to sooty black complexion, these are the exact negro features of the original Buddha as well as the original Krishna, which literally means “the black one” Every description of the scientific nigger points to that of the original gods of India, China, Kermit/Egypt, and Kus/ Nubia, All with negroid features. 


The black race is the most ancient. This is the legacy white supremacists have been hiding. Black beings being referred to as Niger and Negro were that of the first Kings, Queens, scientists, artists, and the Gods.


The 5th edition American heritage dictionary defines the negro simply as a black person (formally called Ethiopians, Liberian, and Egyptians ) it is in its content that we go deeper. Its content tells us to see nek^w-t in the appendix. This code is the root sound that makes up the word and its original intent. 


Nek^w-t - darkness as in the night sky

So, Niger, negro, and nigger equate to the night time, or the night sky 


Let’s look at the term Ethiopian (what negros were formerly known as) Ethiopian- (root word aether) aether is an older pronunciation. Known to ancients as Aethiopes and Ethiopian or Aethiops- now humorously known as negros.


 Let’s continue deeper into the root word of Ethiopian; aether Aether also Ether Known as the upper region of space beyond the stratosphere of the earth; heaven, to breathe the air of gods. 

These words make up ether, ethereal, which means of the celestial spheres; heavenly, spiritual, or otherworldly.


Niggas are ancient Aethiopes; ancient black Ethiopians. The firsts stargazers; the first astronomers. 


Let’s break down the roots in aethiops; ater and atere.

 Ater- black, black colored, dark skin Atere- (aeth or ethe) all meaning heaven. Nigers were the first artists, weavers, architects, astronomers, which led to their agricultural advances. The same people called nigers and negros were also Ethiopian, Egyptians, and Libyans. 


We can see Linguistically how they were moved around and called different terms based on who was invading their regions and misplacing them. When the Greeks began to occupy Egypt the plot the erase the original black of people out was underway. Niger, originally coming into English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French by way of Latin is describing ancient black peoples with vast knowledge of the universe, sea, and nature. Niggas are ancient Aethiops or ancient black Ethiopians- the Gods. 


The Oxford dictionary confirms that Negros, niggers, Egyptians, Aethiops, Libyans, and Ethiopians with dark skin and Afros are all the same people being called different epithets by competing European imperialists. The first niggas were ancient Aethiops; the first astronomers and agriculturalists. We weren’t the hunter-gather types of warriors. These (us) unarmed vegetarians lived in self-sustaining stable environments conducive for stargazing, art, dance, weaving, and pottery with long hours of experimentation, meditation, and play. 


The world doesn’t move without black creativity, here, we see why. 


Racist imperialists invaded and robbed unarmed prophets and teachers, the first nigers. Factually and literally everything about the etymology of the word Niger points back to that of the Gods, ethereal beings, and heaven. Nigers were always a peaceful unarmed people.


Niggers are NOT facts of history. Nigger is a degrading racial term spit at black peoples used to diminish the original term Niger, which is a fact. We see in the Handy dictionary of the Bible lists Nigers as the leader of the pure church at Antioch (Acts 13:1-3) 

Nigers were among the first prophets, teachers, and leaders of the church. Over time the Romans adopted and co-opted the Christian faith to control its colonized people.


 Antioch, which is in Syria is the first place the term Christian was used. The leaders of these first churches were Nigers. The black people that have been disrespected by the Greeks and Romans were among the most learned, skilled, and most holy, righteous, and most feared. It is when these Nigers began to criticize the corrupt ways of the Greco-Roman imperialism that they became targets of racism and disrespect. 


So, as we were forced through integration to learn in their schools we too learned of ourselves according to the same degrading epithets of their culture taught to everyone, taught by them. Speaking their language makes the enemy of the culture and language (us) feel eternally less than them. It has us seeing ourselves according to their cultural likes and dislikes. WE are among their cultural dislikes. This issue is why we are having such a hard time as a black people accepting ourselves.


I hope this information brings you a deeper understating of the types of royal, holy, intelligent, stargazing creators we come from. Knowledge is power, remember to use your intuition, decrement and critical thinking skills to ensure you're being lead upward. As adults now, we are responsible for becoming the people we desire. I appreciate you taking the time to grow with me. ONE LOVE 





KRS-One Real niggas tutorial + ebook  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Ts1FgTdL4&has_verified=1 

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