This page raises awareness on social/economical injustices in the black community. These petitions and gofundme are very important, they show our strength and unity.

Police brutality, merciless murders/assaults, poverty, medical disparity, mass incarceration against the black community, health and access to resources are a all major issues.

When black people suffer everyone turns a blind eye. Murders of our women men and children aren't even questioned. wants you to know that we will always use our platform to show love and support to all black people. We love you. Sign these petitions donate or share the go fund me accounts and. Be safe.

One love, Destiny 

***international petitions, local protests, donations and other resources where you can further support the fight for black and brown people.





BREONNA TAYLOR, was in her bed sleeping when the police entered her home letting off 22 shots. 8 of which killed Breonna. They tried to frame her boyfriend for her murder. the officers responsible are free. 


JULIUS JONES, has been on death row for almost 20 year arrested when he was 19 and convicted of a murder he didn't commit. spending 23 hours a day in confinement His execution date is approaching. please sign


SHANTEL DAVIS, 23, was brutally shot and killed by narcotics detective Phillip Atkins in Flatbush Brooklyn


SANDRA BLAND, arrested for a "traffic stop" and was found dead 3 days later in her cell, it was ruled a suicide when that clearly wasn't the case


CAMERON GREEN, was shot and killed April 21st by a correctional officer, Carlton Fidler after two teenage girls invited him to his home. The police covered up his murder


KYJUANZI HARRIS, was wrongfully convicted and sentanced to LIFE in prison without parole Dec 2013 with NO evidence linking him to the case, hes been in prison for 9 years now

ALEJANDRO VARGAS MARTINEZ, an innocent 15 year old boy got shot 7 times while going to school in Florida. no arrests have been made

TAMIR RICE, 12, was shot and killed by police while playing with a toy gun at a park. The grand jury declined to charge the officers who opened fire on him in less than 2 seconds of arriving on scene 


RASHAD CUNNINGHAM, recently profiled and shot to death in his car parked in front of his home. there was no call or violation taking place


ALAJUNAYE DAVIS, 16, was murdered in a Baltimore drive by. no arrests or investigation has taken place


AMIYA BRAXTON, was hit by a car and killed getting off a school bus. The killer Karen Carpenter was not charged and this case was almost immediately pushed away.


TAMLA HORSFORD, went to an adult sleep over with 7 white women and 3 white men in 2018 was found murdered over the balcony the next morning they ruled it an "accident"without investigation


LAKEITH SMITH, now 20, was tired as an adult and sentenced to 65 years in prison charged with the murder of his friend A'Donte Washinton when he was 15, A'Donte was shot 4 times by a policeman who walks free


AMARI BOONE, 3, passed in CPS care due to abuse and negligence in Texas. we need laws that protect our children in government care.


KENDRICK JOHNSON, a popular HS athlete was murdered by his classmate Brain Bell after his girlfriend cheated with kendrick (confession) no arrests have been made and the investigation remains closed and ruled an accident


JOAO PEDRO, 14, was shot and murdered by the Rio de Janeiro police in 2019āo-pedro


KATERA JENKINS-BARKER, 1, was adopted by a white family and died strapped to a car seat with the windows rolled up. the car was over 100 degrees


ANGEL BUMPASS, was wrongfully convicted 10 years later of a murder that happened when she was 13, theres no soild evdience proving she guilt and the time inbetween makes this feel sketchy. she's facing life


MARSHAE JONES, 27 was pregnant when she was shot and lost her baby. the shooter was arrested but the charges were dismissed, instead Marshae was charged with manslaughter and for not protecting her unborn child..


CHRISTOPHER TERRELL, 16 , was gunned down by 2 white men. no charges have been made


DARREN RAINEY, a non- violent offender was locked in a boiling hot shower for 2 hours by prison guards leading to his painful death. no arrests were made


JOSEPH, dissapeared and 5 days later was found with 66 lbs of rocks tied to his chest floating in a lake. no proper investigation was held


JOHN BRANDON LAMOTTE, was wrongfully convicted to 11 years for first degree assault. he remains in Kentucky reformatory innocent and now suffering from sever mental illness



LAVENA JOHNSON, was found shot to death inside a burning tent with a broken nose, teeth, black eyes and acid burn on her genitals on a military base in Iraq The army ruled this case a suicide.


KENNEKA JENKINS, was found in a freezer that was not in use during a hotel party. no extensive investigation was held. we still dont know what happened


CARIOL HORNE, A black officer in Buffalo NY saw another officer going too far when he put a black man in a chokehold 14 years ago. she was then fired charged and denied her pension she remains without a job and is pushing for CARIOL'S LAW to be passed allowing officers to speak up against brutality