Your sign to start journaling!

   7 reasons why you should keep a journal: 

 At first, the thought of writing down all my thoughts and ideas honestly exhausted me. It seems like such a tedious thing but I found that I'm just really lazy and that's okay, you may be too but hopefully these tips sway you to the proactive side.
I've challenged myself over and over to do one of those 30 days writing challenges you find on Pinterest but it just never felt worth it or I'd simply forget a day and trash the whole idea. Letting yourself slowly lean into things you want to implement into your everyday life rather than jumping 10 toes into the deep can be helpful as well. Be patient with yourself. It takes a little time and a lot of drive to create new habits. I can say it is continuously worth it in my endless journey of finding balance and pure security in myself.
Here are 7 key points, listed in no specific order, that I've learned along my way. I hope they help and you'll find something to pass along to others.

Improve communication
Journaling consistently will improve your writing skills and how you communicate with yourself and others. It helps reveal your patterns and speech. You're building your art of writing and expression which will help you assert your authentic self.

Pure Inspiration
This is your journal, write whatever you want in it, don't restrict yourself to typical styles, and educate. Use it as a means to channel the energy you hold at that moment. Sketch, write a corny song, doodle your favorite number over and over, write down the phrase that just popped in your head, write down that creative idea. Take 15 minutes to be inside your book whichever way feels natural. These become an organic source of channeled inspiration for you to look back on.

Achieve goals
Train yourself to be more disciplined and do what you say you will. Write down your goals frequently to become more aware of your intentions. Be specific and realistic with yourself. Practice accountability and use your notes as a reminder.

Writing things down is an effortless way to bring the things you want to fruition. I would recommend using a separate journal specifically for manifesting so they hold more power, but If you only have a single journal then you can write your manifestation as simply and as clear as possible and repeat it at least 20 times in a row. Vision boards also work very well when manifesting. Make a section for your healthy/body, career, relationships, money, and places you want to travel to. Fill in those sections with everything you'd like to bring into your life but really romanticize it. Make it your own, add pictures and have fun with it. Remember to speak and feel as if you already have everything. Use “ I AM “

Keep track of your personal growth
This factor feels the most rewarding. When you find yourself deep cleaning on a Sunday morning and you come across a journal you barely used in 2019, But inside is an entry in it, to where you felt lower than the rocks. Revisiting that in the present after all of the problems of that day have long melted away will highlight personal evolution, and, if you happen to be in the same position it'll act as a wake-up call if you let it. The point is- it helps you to become more aware of your patterns, emotions, strengths, and limitations. When you become aware you have the power to create change in your life.

Ground yourself, clear your mind
Putting it on paper gets it out of your mind, seeing it on paper helps you think about it differently over time. When I feel foggy or feel my focus jumping all over it helps to prioritize my thoughts and give me direction. Putting your emotions down on paper releases negative thoughts. Be fully present in your body, be real with yourself, go within, and write down what is true to you, what you want to accomplish your goals. Spend some time in nature, make a list of all the things that bring you joy, and visualize it. Over time you'll see your growth and it's very rewarding.

Gain confidence
Being able to witness your growth is a real confidence booster, it gives you some momentum to keep going. Feeling proud of yourself without the aid of outside opinion (friends, family, social media) is a great source of self-reassurance.

Thanks for reading!


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